Enrolment Guide

Step by step instructions on the enrolment process

  1. You will need to gather together your personal information such as:
    1. National Student Number
    2. Name, Address, Contact Details
    3. Proof of your citizenship/residency status
    4. Date of Birth
    5. WINZ client number (if relevant)
  2. Select your Course of Interest and register your interest either with our online registration form, or call HLC on 06-3681095.
  3. A Tutor will call and make an appointment for an interview.  Bring with you the following information:
    1. Birth Certificate or Passport
    2. Provide information on your Secondary School education and a copy of any qualifications gained
    3. Information on any prior tertiary education courses and qualifications completed
    4. You will be filling in an interview form with the Tutor of the course.  At this time they will discuss any learning support you may require to help you to learn the course materials. 
    5. Provide proof of your IRD number
    6. Verification of your bank account details
  4. During your interview the Tutor will discuss any learning support you may require to help you to achieve the course qualification.  
  5. At the end of the interview, the Tutor will let you know when they will confirm if you have been accepted onto the course.  You should be given information on applying for a Student Loan and/or Student Allowances.  If not you can follow this link to go directly to the Studylink website.  This is quite a complex application process.  If you require any assistance completing the documentation, please discuss this with the Tutor at the time.  We can arrange some assistance from our Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer.