HLC Focus

HLC's Primary Role and Focus within the Community

HLC Mission Statement:

“A place of learning providing quality education, training and employment outcomes for our clients and our communities”

How we see our role within the local Community


is a multi-programme provider of high quality education and training programmes to all people, including those who identify as having a disability

is developing a reputation as a first choice learning institution

has an established reputation as second chance learning institution

provides for all ages (school leavers, adults, local business community)

provides pre-employment programmes designed to prepare students for employment

provides stair-casing to higher educational qualifications

HLC into the future

HLC's primary focus is to provide a secure and supportive training environment for the unemployed people of the region.

historically our core business has been in providing second chance learning and training and that will continue

our current focus is to also promote HLC as a first choice for learning; our intention is to become the preferred provider for students seeking training in our selected vocational fields.

a clear need has been established for additional short course programmes, which provide staircased options leading to work opportunities through higher learning and qualifications for the people of our district.

recent Government initiatives have provided new opportunities for service provision which diversifies away from courses to one-on-one assistance towards employment.

In 2018 HLC will provide:

  • Training opportunities for students (aged 18+ years) funded by MSD; these courses are at no cost to students, but they need to meet strict entry criteria.  This course is a broad-based lifeskills and employment skills programme designed to improve employability and good citizenship.  The goal is employment.  
  • Youth Guarantee training for young people (aged 16 – 19 years) and funded by TEC (at no cost to students).  The students are enrolled on one of three pre-employment training and recreational skills courses - Hospitality, Computing, Foundation Skills Level 1 or Foundation Skills Level 2.
  • Training for fee-paying students in industry-specific certificate courses (Security, Cookery, Health and Wellbeing, Business, Food & Beverage, Exercise & Sport) up to level four on the NZ National Qualifications Framework.  Security courses held in Palmerston North and the Health and Wellbeing Programme held in Levin and run in conjunction with UCOL.
  • A community-based Employment Services Programme, working with nearly one hundred people with disabilities, 60+ of whom are in paid employment.  This programme is funded by the Ministry of Social Development. 
  • Train for Work programme.  HLC Employment Consultants work with trainees to find on-the-job training opportunities in a wide range of industries.
  • Short security industry partnership training courses in conjunction with businesses and the ITO.  This is a Work and Income–funded Straight to Work programme for 16 trainees.
  • Upskilling the reading, writing, numeracy and computing requirements of an employee's job.  This year we plan to work with approximately local companies providing one-on-one (or small group) training.